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09:30 Welcome to FOSDEM 2020
10:00 The Linux Kernel: We have to finish this thing one day ;) How FOSS could revolutionize municipal government
10:30 State of OpenJDK Fundamental Technologies We Need to Work on for Cloud-Native Networking DNS Devroom Opening Designing and Producing Open Source Hardware with FOSS/OSHW tools Welcome to the MySQL, MariaDB & Friends Devroom 2020 Building a distributed knowledge base with a Linked Data powered CMS Farwest Demo Welcome to the Ada DevRoom The good and the bad sides of developing open source tools for neuroscience Welcome to game development devroom How lowRISC made its Ibex RISC-V CPU core faster Debugging with LLVM Opening Threat Modelling for Developers Getting started with quantum software development Welcome to the Legal & Policy Issues DevRoom Improving the culture of automated testing in FOSS Extending sudo in Python Openoffice Build system Open Source Hardware and Soldering Workshop Past, Present and Future of DRLM project Introducing Tanka Podman - The Powerful Container Multi-Tool Integrating Julius Speech Recognition Engine
  DNS Management in OpenStack An Introduction to Ada for Beginning and Experienced Programmers Technology challenges for privacy: the case of decentralized social media
  MySQL 8 vs MariaDB 10.4 AMENDMENT Be secure with Rust & Intel SGX
10:45 Python for Godot
  LibrePCB Status Update Lazy distribution of container images
11:00 LibreOffice turns ten and what's next The Selfish Contributor Explained Apache Camel BoF TinyGo From 0 to Intranet in 20 minutes with XWiki OpenTelemetry: an XKCD 927 Success Story Challenges and opportunities in scientific software development libliftoff status update AMENDMENT Custom Crypto Policies by Examples DEBATE: Should FOSS licenses be enforced at all? Boosting Python with Rust Contributing to LibreOffice without C++ knowledge Using OpenAPI to Maximise Your Pulp 3 Experience Building Homebridge with the Yocto Project
  Quantum machine learning with PennyLane Welcome to KernelCI Relax-and-Recover (ReaR) Basics
  Skydive HashDNS and FQDNDHCP MyRocks in the Wild Wild West! The HammerBlade RISC-V Manycore
11:15 0 A.D.: Graphics Pipeline Benchmarking LLVM using Embench
  Project Loom: Advanced concurrency for fun and profit Open-source design ecosystems around FreeCAD AMENDMENT The Confidential Consortium Framework BPF as a revolutionary technology for the container landscape
11:30 Do you really see what’s happening on your NFV infrastructure? ONLYOFFICE: How to securely collaborate on documents within content management applications Debugging and tracing a production RabbitMQ node HAC: the Compiler which will Never Become Big NeuroFedora: Enabling Free/Open Neuroscience Open ESP Zink Update Securing Existing Software using Formally Verified Libraries How to write a scikit-learn compatible estimator/transformer coverity and oss-fuzz issue solving Doomed are the dinosaurs! Building an embedded VoIP network for video intercom systems
  How Safe is Asynchronous Master-Master Setup? Abusing GitLab CI to Test Kernel Patches Relax-and-Recover (ReaR) Mass Deployment
11:45 State of djbdnscurve6
  TornadoVM: A Virtual Machine for Exploiting ​High-Performance Heterogeneous ​Execution of Java Programs​ Building Loosely-coupled RISC-V Accelerators Quantum computing hardware and control systems
  ngspice open source circuit simulator Kata Containers on openSUSE
12:00 Over Twenty Years Of Automation The Ethics Behind Your IoT Civil society needs Free Software hackers Sourcehut & aerc meetup A dozen more things you didn't know Nextcloud could do Keep Calm and Use Nerves Tracking Performance of a Big Application from Dev to Ops Spotlight on Free Software Building Blocks for a Secure Health Data Infrastructure Modernizing mesa3d.org AMENDMENT EActors: an actor-based programming framework for Intel SGX SpecFuzz: Bringing Spectre-type vulnerabilities to the surface DEBATE: Does Careful Inventory of Licensing Bill of Materials Have Real Impact on FOSS License Compliance? Why is Django 3.0 a revolution for building websites with Python? LibreOffice lockdown and encryption improvements Compliance management with OpenSCAP and Ansible ROS2: The evolution of Robot Operative System
  Endless Network Programming − An Update from eBPF Land Testing DoH and DoT servers, compliance and performance The consequences of sync_binlog != 1 ERASER: Early-stage Reliability And Security Estimation for RISC-V Confronting Clang and Fedora Overview of Bareos
  A tool for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) management, OpenOlitor ByteBuffers are dead, long live ByteBuffers! Towards CadQuery 2.0 Evolution of kube-proxy
  OpenQA with the JDP data analyses framework
12:30 Replacing iptables with eBPF in Kubernetes with Cilium Bringing Collabora Online to your web app Lumen DataLad RISC-V Software and Firmware Development in the Cloud Using OpenPiton+Ariane on Amazon F1 Falco Internals 101 : Syscalls processing for security analysis Will somebody *please* tell me what's going on? Prioritizing is key AMENDMENT Introduction to Ansible collections Introduction to Eclipse iceoryx
  Improving BIND 9 Code Quality Game development with OpenXR The role of open source in building quantum computing ecosystem from scratch
  What's in my food ? Open Food Facts, the Wikipedia of Food Overview of encryption features AMENDMENT A Tale of Two Worlds: Assessing the Vulnerability of Enclave Shielding Runtimes oVirt-Plugin for Bareos
12:45 KiCad: Back to the Future
  Analyzing DPDK applications with eBPF Cacheable Overlay Manager RISC-V
  LLVM and GCC Container Live Migration
13:00 Blender, Coming of Age Freedom and AI: Can Free Software include ethical AI systems? Web3 - the Internet of Freedom, Value, and Trust Open Source Storage BoF More than one tool for collaborating on writing the Tiki CMS CoffeeBeam Cappulada: What we've Learned Frictionless Data for Reproducible Research AMENDMENT Nouveau Status update Docker Security considerations & Incident Analysis COLLAB: How can we give users standing in free/open software/hardware? Discover Static Code Analysis in Python with Coala Framework LPI Exam Session 1 Proposal to inspect and highlight styles in Writer Preserve kubernetes state using heptio velero AMENDMENT Designing for Failure Building a low-cost test fixture
  Free at Last! The Tale of Jakarta EE Open lightning talks
  XDP and page_pool API unwind(8) Whats new in ProxySQL 2.0? RISC-V Boot flow: What's next ?
  Next, the programmable web browser Pocket Science Lab from Development to Production AMENDMENT HOWTO build a product with OP-TEE Quantum Advantage and Quantum Computing in the Real World Automated Performance Testing for Virtualization with MMTests Percona XtraBackup Current and Future State Supervising and emulating syscalls
13:30 Weave Net, an Open Source Container Network Wikibase Ecosystem Going Meta with Elixir's Macros Programming ROS2 Robots with RCLAda On the road to sustainable research software. Oreboot Incrementality and deck functions COLLAB: The optics of the policy When Python meets GraphQL: Managing contributors identities in your open source project LibreOffice Theme Changer Ephemeral Environments For Developers In Kubernetes How to integrate secure elements
  Shenandoah 2.0
  AMENDMENT Weblate: open-source continuous localization platform SELinux fun with MySQL and friends Percona Backup for MongoDB: Status and Plans
13:45 extending catalog zones Designing functional objects with functional objects Stylo : a user friendly text editor for humanities scholars Below Kubernetes: Demystifying container runtimes
  RISC-V Hypervisors LLVM meets Code Property Graphs
  Auto-healing cluster through negative testing
14:00 The Hidden Early History of Unix How Containers and Kubernetes re-defined the GNU/Linux Operating System Kapow! A Web Framework for the Shell FFmpeg BOF Tor Meetup Decentralized collaborative applications Processes & Grains Live Demo of Ada's Distribution Features Using Advene to accompany research in AudioVisual Digital Humanities FOSS Virtual & Augmented Reality AMENDMENT Demo: SGX-LKL How Transparent Data Encryption is built in MySQL and Percona Server ? DEBATE: The 4 Freedoms and OSD are outdated and no longer relevant in 2020 Follow Your Celery Tasks Creating Word Clouds with OpenOffice Self-hosted server backups for the paranoid Code Workload Management into the Control Plane Embedded systems, the road to Linux
  JMC & JFR - 2020 Vision The Different Ways of Minimizing ANY Java & Games Quantum circuit optimisation, verification, and simulation with PyZX
  Rethinking kubernetes networking with SRv6 and Contiv-VPP Leveraging Open Source Designs Running MySQL in Kubernetes in real life Port luajit to RISC-V Linux memory management at scale
14:15 Shrivelling world
  Yjs: A CRDT framework for shared editing
  Fritzing - the past, the present and the future Introducing OpenTAP - Open Test Automation Project
14:30 Empowering social scientists with web mining tools Secure logging with syslog-ng Asyncio: understanding async and await in Python Crowdfunding to advance open document editors Immutable deployments: the new classic way for service deployment
  LLVM and Python
  Encrypt your collaboration with CryptPad ALTER TABLE improvements in MariaDB Server
14:45 Running full Linux systems in containers, at scale
  Hacking on GraalVM: A (very) Rough Guide Sparselizard: a general purpose multiphysics FEM library SimulaQron - a simulator for developing quantum internet software
  Welcome to the Retrocomputing DevRoom 2020
15:00 Generation gaps Fixing the Kubernetes clusterfuck Protect your data objects, not your network connections Akraino Edge KNI blueprint Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself Sailfish OS BOF A best practices guide for FLOSS community managers The unsupervised free CAT for low resource languages Designing a performant and scalable graph processing python package Writing Shared Memory Parallel Programs in Ada Revamping OpenRefine Alpha Waves, the first 3D platformer ever Back to the Linux Framebuffer! Open source UEFI and TianoCore Protecting plaintext secrets in configuration files DEBATE: Should licenses be designed to advance general social goals? One test output format to unite them all Production-time Profiling for Python Online Open Document Editing New Possibilities FASTEN: Scaling static analyses to ecosystems Foreman meets Ansible boot/loader — How to boot Linux and nothing else
  Double your contributors using these 3 simple tricks!
  Rewinding time with System Versioned Tables How (Not) To Containerise Securely
15:15 Open CASCADE Technology - an introduction and overview
  Optimizing sandbox creation with a FUSE file system Reducing OpenJDK Java Garbage Collection times with stack allocation Flang : The Fortran frontend of LLVM
15:30 Spunky: a Genode Kernel in Ada/SPARK Pocket infrastructures to bridge reproducible research, live coding, civic hacktivism and data feminism for/from the Global South Discover UEFI with U-Boot Application Whitelisting in Linux Environment AMENDMENT Quantum Game with Photons: Tensors in TypeScript, Visualized Introduction to Reactive Programming with RxPY LPI Exam Session 2 Make Online yours There's no sustainability problem in FOSS Hacking Terraform for fun and profit PipeWire in the Automotive Industry
  BASICODE: the 8-bit programming API that crossed the Berlin Wall Releasing Software with GitOps
  Indexing Encrypted Data Using Bloom Filters Fast QUIC sockets for cloud networking Metrics and models for Web performance evaluation Knocking down the barriers of ORDER BY LIMIT queries with MariaDB 10.5
15:45 Benefits of porting Godot Engine to Vulkan Using crio-lxc with Kubernetes
  G1: To infinity and beyond AMENDMENT STEP Reduce The Neo4j Graph Algorithms Library: An Overview
16:00 HTTP/3 for everyone Address Space Isolation in the Linux Kernel Verifpal RIOT BOF Nethserver BOF Replicant Meetup Lexemes in Wikidata Alire: Ada Has a Package Manager Journalists are researchers like any others The TTM memory manager Heads OEM device ownership/reownership : A tamper evident approach to remote integrity attestation seccomp — Your Next Layer of Defense AMENDMENT Simulating noisy quantum devices with QuTiP DEBATE: Does FOSS need sustainability? Introducing HTTPX Online: wrestling web Copy/Paste to usability Comparing dependency management issues across packaging ecosystems Building a self healing system with SaltStack WPE, The WebKit port for Embedded platforms
  Ask LLVM developers Anything Panel
  CPU performance analysis for MySQL using Hot/Cold Flame Graph Retro music - Open Cubic Player Writing Go(od) Tests
16:15 Gmsh Gunrock: High-Performance Graph Analytics for the GPU
  Mandos Just-in-time compiling Java in 2020 Mixing kool-aids! Accelerate the internet with AF_XDP & DPDK Hint, Hint, Font Loading Matters! Containers and Steam
16:30 Nuspell: version 3 of the new spell checker AMENDMENT Transforming scattered analyses into a documented, reproducible and shareable workflow Improving the Security of Edge Computing Services Kernel Runtime Security Instrumentation AMENDMENT bloqit FoxDot and the Summer of 2019 Integrate Collabora Online with web applications Building Confidence & Overcoming Insecurity Infrastructure testing, it's a real thing! How Yocto extra tools help industrial project
  RedWax - trust only yourself Dial your Networking Code up to 11 AXIOM - open source cinema camera Hash Join in MySQL 8 Hardware-Software Co-Design for Efficient Graph Application Computations on Emerging Architectures
16:45 Reviving Minitel Distributed HPC Applications with Unprivileged Containers
  Helpful NullPointerExceptions - The little thing that became a JEP
  Blender projects for 2020
17:00 State of the Onion Guix: Unifying provisioning, deployment, and package management in the age of containers KDE Itinerary The ultimate guide to HTTP resource prioritization VideoLan BOF AMENDMENT Weblate! Localize your project the developer way: continously, flawlessly, community driven, and open-source Protect Sensitive Data with Ada Keystore Developing from the field Automating Programming and Development of Heterogeneous SoCs with LLVM Tools Pattern Based Code Generation for GPUs Introducing AUTOREV Using SELinux with container runtimes Oracle v. Google: What are the implications for FOSS? CANCELLED Testing apps with third-party API integrations Monads in Python: why and how? LibreOffice Online adoption into 1&1 Mail&Media ecosystem Precise, cross-project code navigation at GitHub scale
  Horizon EDA - Version 1.0 Programmable Unified Memory Architecture (PUMA) Quantum classifiers, robust data encodings, and software to implement them
  Comparing Hash Join solution, the good, the bad and the worse.
17:15 Reloading Escoria Testing a large testing software
  Gate project Taming Metaspace: a look at the machinery, and a proposal for a better one Userspace networking: beyond the kernel bypass with RDMA! Reverse engineering a VIC-20 expansion cartridge Kubernetes on ARM64
17:30 OpenPiton: An Open-Source Framework for EDA Tool Development Creating Sustainable Public Sector Open Source Communities Cypher enhancements for sharded and federated graph databases EUgen: a European Project Proposal Generator A community-driven approach towards open innovation for research communication Look at ME! The hairy issue of e2e encryption in instant messaging Legal Organizer's Panel repcloud Collabora Office Android app gory details Spack's new Concretizer Mgmt Config: Autonomous Datacentres The State of PTXdist
  The pool next to the ocean: How to bring OpenSource skills to more people Vita: high-speed traffic encryption on x86_64 with Snabb Shipping a performance API on Chromium MySQL 8.0: Secure your MySQL Replication Deployment
17:45 HPVM: Extending LLVM For Compiling to Heterogeneous Parallel Systems Inspektor Gadget and traceloop
  The OpenJDK JVM : Securing a moving target or What could possibly go wrong? Spring & Steam, an Odyssey Quantum computer brands: connecting apples and oranges Correlation analysis in automated testing
  Designing Hardware, Journey from Novice to Not Bad AMENDMENT Raphtory: Streaming analysis of distributed temporal graphs Running a mainframe on your laptop (for fun and profit)
18:00 SCION AMENDMENT LumoSQL - Experiments with SQLite, LMDB and more Tracking local storage configuration on linux Open Edge Hardware and Software for Natural Language Translation and Understanding On Rapid Application Development in Ada The Journal of Open Source Software A Vulkan driver for the RPI4 Capsule Update & LVFS: Improving system firmware updates What you most likely did not know about sudo… Thoth - a recommendation engine for Python applications Lightning talk session Package managers: resolve differences Gofish - a Go library for Redfish and Swordfish lognplot - logging and plotting data from micro's CANCELLED United Nations Technology and Innovation Labs
  Automating schema migration flow with GitHub Actions, skeema & gh-ost Extending and embedding: containerd project use cases
18:15 How to fail successfully and reliably
  Concept Programming, from ideas to code JRuby Startup and AOT The journey of building OpenSpeedMonitor Finite element modeling with the deal.II software library Temporal Graph Analytics with GRADOOP
18:30 Poio Predictive Text Ada-TOML: a TOML Parser for Ada DSpace 7: A major leap forward for the leading institutional repository platform Arcade game port to ZX Spectrum libratbag Opening Intel Server firmware based on OpenBMC example Quantum Open Source Foundation The Pythran compiler, 7 years later U:Kit: Open-source software and hardware smoke detector
  CANCELLED A way of GPU virtualization for container
  DeskConnD: Secure, cross-platform IPC on the network 20 mins to write a MySQL Shell Plugin Weaviate OSS Smart Graph
  Informal Discussions & Closing