Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


DSpace 7: A major leap forward for the leading institutional repository platform

Tale of a mature, international FOSS community embracing Angular

The DSpace community is anticipating the largest release ever in 2020 with DSpace 7 ( ). The platform is used in thousands of research institutions around the globe and powers systems including, and If you download an academic paper through Google Scholar today, the chance is large that it is served to you thanks to a DSpace institutional repository.

The talk aims to briefly introduce the scope and usage of the DSpace software. Attendees will learn how the governance of the DSpace community is structured, and what lead to the decision to drop the two legacy UIs, JSPUI and XMLUI, in favour of an endeavour to introduce Angular as the new UI layer.

The most relevant piece of the presentation for the Fosdem audience, will be an outline of the tooling and best practices applied in the community, together with a pro and con evaluation.

We are very keen on learning from other participants in the audience what they could advise, both on a technical and organisational level, going forward.

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Photo of Bram Luyten Bram Luyten