Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Auto-healing cluster through negative testing

OCS stands for Openshift Container storage. It provides container-based storage for OCP(Openshift container platform). It’s easily scalable to bare metal, VMs and cloud platforms. Auto healing is a property of OCS cluster that auto heals a cluster component automatically when passes through an unexpected condition. A component can be a node, a network interface, a service, etc. To make sure auto heals just fine, we introduced negative testing. Negative Testing is defined as, a testing type that checks a system for unexpected conditions. In this presentation, We’re going to talk, what role negative testing plays, how to negative test components like node by shutting it down, deploying a heavy workload, etc. Similarly, for the network component, we are going to see what happens when the public network is disconnected along with many more scenarios.


Photo of Rajat Singh Rajat Singh