Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Ask LLVM developers Anything Panel

Ever wondered how the LLVM project and community works? Want to get some advice on how to most effectively contribute? Now is your chance at FOSDEM to ask experienced developers directly. This panel will host a number of experienced LLVM developers, answering any relevant questions from the audience.

In case questions from the audience do not fill the entire slot, a set of prepared questions focussed on how to get started working with and contributing to LLVM will be raised for the panelists to answer.

The panel will consist of the following experienced contributors to LLVM: Kristof Beyls, Peter Smith, Jeroen Dobbelaere, Nick Desaulniers


Photo of Kristof Beyls Kristof Beyls
Photo of Peter Smith Peter Smith
Nick Desaulniers
Jeroen Dobbelaere