Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Mgmt Config: Autonomous Datacentres

Real-time, autonomous, automation

Mgmt is a real-time automation tool that is fast and safe. One goal of the tool is to allow users to model and manage infrastructure that was previously very difficult or impossible to do so previously.

The tool has two main parts: the engine, and the language. This presentation will have a large number of demos of the language.

To showcase this future, we'll show some exciting real-time demos that include scheduling, distributed state machines, and reversible resources.

As we get closer to a 0.1 release that we'll recommend as "production ready", we'll look at the last remaining features that we're aiming to land by then.

Finally we'll talk about some of the future designs we're planning and discuss our free mentoring program that helps interested hackers get involved and improve their coding, sysadmin, and devops abilities.


Photo of James Shubin James Shubin