Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Vita: high-speed traffic encryption on x86_64 with Snabb

Coming to your cloud with XDP, AVF, and Kubernetes integration

Vita is a high-performance IPsec VPN gateway designed with medium and large network operators in mind. It is written in a high-level language (Lua) using the Snabb networking toolkit and achieves high performance via networking in userspace, i.e. bypassing the kernel network stack.

This talk will discuss Vita and how it was developed using Snabb. Topics include: fast software networking using a dynamic, high-level language; cryptographic ciphers implemented in software software accelerated by x86 extensions; modern cryptography; limiting complexity; multi-core scaling; YANG enabled control planes; minimalist NIC drivers.


Photo of Max Rottenkolber Max Rottenkolber