Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


From 0 to Intranet in 20 minutes with XWiki

Sharing knowledge in a team of people working together (company, association, study group or any other kind of project) is key for its long-term success. Even if this is not properly identified from the beginning as a main concern, setting up tools and processes that allow knowledge to be accumulated and organized correctly ends up being on the TODO list at some point, and may come with the wish to have done it earlier. Thus, the best solution is one that is quick enough to setup from the very beginning and versatile enough to be able to incrementally develop into a proper solid fortress of knowledge.

In this presentation I will use the XWiki platform to incrementally build a collaborative intranet from scratch and will try to address some frequent needs of knowledge sharing in a team, using already-made add-ons or new tools (list not exhaustive): * Blog, for unidirectional communication, * Meeting notes, for spoken knowledge not to be lost, * File Manager for just dropping files to share, * Task manager for lightweight ticketing, * Holiday requests and Recruitment applications for team management, * Unstructured free content sharing, using standard wiki pages and page templates, * Structured content tailored to fit your exact specific needs, * Multi-wiki separation for teams isolation, * Powerful search in all this, * Authentication add-ons to plug your own users management, * Easy look & feel setup, to brand it as your own.


Anca Luca