Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


State of djbdnscurve6

IPv6 LLU address support

The fehQlibs and djbdnscurve6 provide both a DNS library which support IPv6 LLU addresses. The inclusion and use of IPv6 LLU addresses is discussed. While the typical Unix /etc/resolv.conf is applied system-wide and the Microsoft Window's pendent works interface-dependent, here application specific DNS settings can be used.

Overview: 1. Background and heritage on fehQlibs and djbdnscurve6 2. Application specific DNS resolver settings 3. Integration of IPv6 LLU addresses - benefits 4. Integration of IPv6 LLU addresses - recipe 5. Outlook and future challenges


Photo of Erwin Hoffmann (feh) Erwin Hoffmann (feh)