Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


The pool next to the ocean: How to bring OpenSource skills to more people

InnerSource as a way to teach open collaboration skills and facilitate the opensourcing process for enterprises

The pool next to the ocean: How to bring OpenSource skills to more people

OpenSource powers the world and is everywhere with more and more enterprises and large companies understanding the value of it and the need to be able to be a good OpenSource citizen. However, not everyone in those enterprises has the skills to participate in OpenSource communities, feels ready to contribute something or to create and run a vibrant OpenSource community. I observed that there are two distinct groups of people - one with OSS background, ability and willingness to operate in that domain and those that will likely only use OSS without any likeliness to contribute or participate. Let's change that and build a bridge between those two groups while generating value for the enterprise making it more likely to receive support for this activity. InnerSource, the application of OpenSource principles and practices within the enterprise, can be this bridge. You'll learn about creating opportunities for people who haven't been exposed to OpenSource collaboration to learn about the OpenSource ways of collaboration in a safe environment within their organization by creating shared projects internally that follow OpenSource practices and principles. You'll also learn about how organizations can profit from cross-team/silo collaboration and knowledge exchange. Also, the acquisition of very valuable skills by their employees that can facilitate the successful transition of those internal projects into OpenSource and creation of vibrant communities around them. This approach is successfully used by many enterprises, and I'm part of a community who has built and is building OpenSource-d training material for this. Attend this talk if you want to learn about how to deal with silo issues within your company, how to facilitate your companies way to transition projects to OpenSource or how to build up skills to successfully interact with OpenSource projects. Also attend if you want to hear a bit about freely available training material explaining InnerSource concepts for people who haven't been involved in it yet.


Photo of Johannes Tigges Johannes Tigges