Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


OpenTelemetry: an XKCD 927 Success Story

Learn how distributed tracing can revolutionize the way you troubleshoot errors and performance issues, in both monolithic and distributed micro-service architectures.

OpenTelemetry is an industry standard for distributed tracing, merging the tech and communities of OpenCensus and OpenTracing.

  • Introduce the concepts of application tracing and the state of the ecosystem (Spans, Traces, Context Propagation, OpenTracing, OpenCensus, OpenTelemetry)
  • Explain how this is different and complementary to Erlang’s built-in tracing tools
  • Show what insights can be more easily gained from trace data as opposed to logs and metrics
  • Give an overview of the tools and vendors available to start using this technology today


Greg Mefford