Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


JMC & JFR - 2020 Vision

JDK Flight Recorder provides production time profiling and diagnostics via a compact events-based infrastructure inside the Hotspot JVM itself. JDK Mission Control is a stand-alone application that provides real-time monitoring information for Hotspot JVMs, as well as tools to read, automatically analyze and visualize flight recording data produced by JDK Flight Recorder.

When this talk is presented, JMC 7.1.0 has (hopefully) been out for a little while. This presentation talks about what is new and the roadmap for the upcoming JMC 8. We will also discuss recent changes in the project, such as the move to Skara. Towards the end we will demo how JDK Flight Recorder and JMC core libraries can be used to diagnose applications deployed in container orchestration platforms.


Jie Kang