Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Confronting Clang and Fedora

GCC is the default toolchain to build C/C++ packages in Fedora. Meanwhile OpenMandrivia already builds most of its package with the LLVM toolchain, the Debian archive is regularly rebuilt with with a recent verion of clang... So could we try that for Fedora?

This talk describes an on-going effort to achieve that goal while keeping the same compiler feature set as GCC.

Subtopics of the talk include:

  • Creating a clang-based buildroot and use it to rebuild the fedora user-land (and more?)
  • Support for missing security features such as -fstack-clash-protection or -DFORTIFYSOURCE=2
  • Add missing features for the annobin tool within lld
  • Python3 compatibity
  • Package size


Serge Guelton (serge-sans-paille)