Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Gate project

Portable execution state

This presentation is an introduction of an open source project I have been working on for five years.

Building on WebAssembly, Gate makes it possible to snapshot running programs and resume them in diverse environments: unlike with other snapshot-and-restore solutions, the snapshots are portable across CPU architectures and operating systems. Part of the solution is appropriate resource abstraction. The presentation includes a quick demonstration of migration of a program between x86-64 and ARM64 machines.

A subproject of Gate is a specialized WebAssembly compiler implemented in Go.

Gate is at the stage where a proof-of-concept has been implemented; it works. Its future would greatly benefit from wider community engagement, so I wish to present the project and its ideas to a technical user and developer audience.


Photo of Timo Savola Timo Savola