Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


CANCELLED Testing apps with third-party API integrations

As reliance on third-party services becomes more prevalent in our ecosystem, developers need cost-effective, secure and reliable ways to mock these services. In this talk, we will briefly examine strategies and best practices for testing apps that make heavy use of third-party API integrations.

With such a short session, I want to focus on the bits that are the most useful for developers today. Whether you’re working in a hip startup or traditional company with legacy code, you’re likely going to need ways to mock services for both dev/staging environments and testing. So this will include a (very short) demo of Unmock, the fuzz testing library that I maintain, with references to other tools like Nock and PollyJS. After this session, audience members should walk away with practical ways to improve their testing practices for REST APIs and third-party integrations.


Carolyn Stransky (carostran)