Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Kubernetes on ARM64

Raspberry PI 4 Kubernetes cloud for a few Euros!!

Building a Kubernetes cloud using Raspberry PI 4. The RPI4/4G offers enough memory and cpu to build an educative Kubernetes cluster. The presentation will show how to put the pieces togother to get an Apache Tomcat operator to deploy a small web application in the build RPI4 Kubernetes cloud.

We will show: - how to build a kernel for RPI4, use it to make a bootable SD card for a RPI4. - how to configure it to use the WIFI board - how to prepare Docker images for ARM64 - how to join the Kubernetes master - how to use weave plugin to get the Kernetes internal network - how to build and install the operator for Apache Tomcat. - then run a small webapp using the operator.


Photo of Jean-Frederic Clere Jean-Frederic Clere