Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Podman - The Powerful Container Multi-Tool

An use case driven hands-on to the container management tool Podman

Podman is the container management tool of your choice when it comes to boosting day-to-day development tasks around containers. The journey of Podman started as a drop-in replacement for docker, but nowadays it’s even more than just that. For example, Podman is capable of managing pods, running containers without being root and supports fine granular configuration possibilities.

In this presentation, we will deep dive into the exciting world of Podman. We discover how Podman fits into the containers ecosystem, learn about the architecture behind the project and utilize practical examples for daily development tasks.

For example, we will learn how rootless containers work technically, how to safely share resources within multiple containers and which benefits a daemon-less container management tool like Podman provides. All these exciting features will be explained by utilizing live demos which leaves room for an open discussion at the end of the talk.


Photo of Sascha Grunert Sascha Grunert