Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


LibreOffice turns ten and what's next

Lots to learn, and get excited about

From ten years of LibreOffice, how can you apply what we learned to your project ? What is going on in LibreOffice today, and where is it going ? and How can you re-use or contribute to the story.

Come hear about the story of LibreOffice, the reasons we started - and some of the highlights: successes, failures and other lessons learned from our first ten years. Hear how our initial decisions and vision of open-ness and vendor neutrality panned out. See what has been learned about building an effective commercial ecosystem, with certification.

Hear about the trajectory of technical updates and how we

re-juvenated an open-source code-base through massive re-factoring, as well as re-targetting for web and mobile.

Catch up with the latest in Online innovation, optimization

and scalability work as well as our growing integration with lots of other Open Source projects.

Finally catch up with the latest and greatest feature/function

improvements as we move towards LibreOffice 7, and find out how you can best get involved with the next decade of the LibreOffice story.


Photo of Michael Meeks Michael Meeks