Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


DNS Management in OpenStack

What is the OpenStack DNS API?

All major clouds have integrated DNS management these days, and OpenStack is one of them. We will run through the OpenStack DNS (Designate) project - how it works, why we laid it out the way we did, how you can use it, and how other OpenStack components can leverage it.

We will run through the general architecture of the project, and show how we can remain a simple control layer over multiple DNS servers and service providers.

We will show how you can run Designate stand alone, as a multi tenant API for managing DNS inside your company, and how you can use the ability to have multiple pools of servers available for multiple purposes.

Finally we will show the myriad of both OpenStack and other Open Source software integrations for DNS management, and DNS-01 ACME validation.


Photo of Graham Hayes Graham Hayes