Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020


Do you really see what’s happening on your NFV infrastructure?

(and what can you do about it?)

As CoSP’s accelerate their adoption of SDN and NFV technologies, the increased need for metrics, performance measurement and benchmarking becomes a focus, to ensure the continued delivery of “best in class” services. As NFV environments have grown in size and complexity, the tools required to gain this greater visibility into the NFVi need to continue to evolve to meet the requirements for manageability, serviceability and resiliency.

Using Collectd as a metrics collection tool, OPNFV Barometer monitors the performance of the NFVi resources and has the capability to expose these insights via open industry standard interfaces to analytics or MANO components for potential enforcement or corrective actions. Barometer works with related open source technologies and communities (collectd, DPDK, OpenStack, Prometheus, SAF, etc.) to provide numerous metrics and events that address various different use cases such as service healing, power optimization and ensuring application QoS.


Emma Foley
Krzysztof Kepka