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09:30 Welcome to FOSDEM 2015
10:00 Identity Crisis: Are we who we say we are?
10:30 Upstream Allwinner ARM SoC (A10 / sunxi) support status Python & PostgreSQL, a Wonderful Wedding Welcome to the Distributions Devroom How to have a constructive conversation about awful infrastructure code How to make professional media users care about FOSS Common Lisp-Style Macroexpansion applied to C Valgrind Integration in the Eclipse IDE EdgeBSD: Status report Arrival & Informal Discussions Welcome to the GraphDevroom Welcoming Remarks Welcome to the Perl devroom! The State of OpenJDK
  From Debian-GIS to OSGeo live and back Sphinx Search technical highlights CPAN is amazing, MetaCPAN is amazing, and APIs are great
  Moving your Virtual Machines to oVirt with ease
10:45 Large-scale graph processing with Apache Flink
  Leapfrogging the bootstrap
11:00 What is wrong with Operating Systems Build Distributed, Fault-Tolerant Infrastructure with Apache Mesos FreeRTOS introduction Lea, a probability engine in Python Nix, NixOS, NixOps Welcome to the Legal and Policy Issues Devroom ODR-mmbTools Digital Radio Development BSDCG Exam Session Welcome You'd better have tested backups... LibreOffice Exam Session Connection tracking and stateful services with Open vSwitch Optimizing the Libre Office Main Loop Java 9: Make Way for Modules!
  Open Source by Design Ada, an Introduction
  Rubinius And The Eternal Yak
  Wikipedia Text Reflector C++11 and LibreOffice
  Effective spelling correction with term relation graphs using Lucene FSTs
11:30 Xvisor: An open-source, lightweight, embedded hypervisor for your car Dive into Scrapy Better Devops through Thievery Open source tools for new subtitle standards Tuning Valgrind for your Workload Manylines SDN for Massively Scalable Clouds MappedByteBuffer.hurray()
  How (not) to create a language specification for Perl 6
  GlusterFS - Overview & Future Directions OpenGL backend for LibreOffice
11:45 Copyleft licenses and the appstores Enlightenment, a cross-platform window manager and toolkit
12:00 Automating Attribution A GPS watch made of free software and hardware Teaching Fish to Fly Mercurial, with real python bites Upstream Downstream Automatic Multicast Tunneling & Upipe: a Proof of Concept Emacs Lisp (Elisp) small and useful programs Building a GUI for an Ada Application with GtkAda New WAL record format in PostgreSQL 9.5 Midonet 101! Face to face with the distributed SDN solution OpenGLCanvas in Libreoffice Diagnosing Performance Issues Using Thermostat EFL - A UI Toolkit Designed for the Embedded World
  Ruby-red onions: Peeling back Ruby's layers in C extensions
12:15 SPDX: Debunking the myths and misunderstandings Apache Solr as a compressed, scalable and high performance time series database
  oVirt and Gluster Hyperconvergence LibreOffice IDE integration
  Binding C libraries
12:30 python-prompt-toolkit / ptpython Interfacing infrastructure as code with non-expert users Why open source lets a broadcaster sleep at night Extending Cachegrind: L2 Cache Inclusion & TLB Measuring Time flows on Graph OpenLISP: Open source Locator/ID Separation Protocol implementation Building an open Internet of Things with Java and Eclipse IoT
  PDF signing in LibreOffice: no longer experimental
12:45 Crypto Wars 2.0 and the Free Software Response
  Lightning Talks Welcome
13:00 A new version of Firefox is available lowRISC Developing FOSDEM Companion Leveraging Ceph Recycle your Android devices for anything : run real Linux on them Federation and Python webapps How CoreOS is built, modified, and updated Daala Video Codec Opening the Development of PHCpack JSON and PostgreSQL, the State of the Art High-performance packet filtering with Pflua Caciocavallo, or how we ported OpenJDK from embedded to cloud and still liked it Concurrent Ruby: low and high-level concurrency abstractions for the Ruby language X11 on the Web
  Fuzzing (on) FreeBSD Elasticsearch from the Bottom Up
  LFE - a Lisp on the Erlang VM CI for LibreOffice
13:15 Dancer Status
  Ultra - Smallest. Web server. Evar.
13:30 Let's build a spreadsheet app in Python Mozilla ID - Developing and protecting a living brand Consul first steps Producing media content for the browsers using GPAC Informal Discussions sigma.js, two years later LPI Exam Session 1 DPDK performance New features in Gerrit Code Review 2.11 Packed Objects, Object Layout & Value Types - a Survey
  How adblockers work OpenNebula Deployments, from Small to Massive
  TextBoxes: complex shapes with complex content in LibreOffice Writer
  Perl 6 Over 9000: The Future of JRuby
14:00 Building High-Performance Language Implementations With Low Effort BERI A Whirlwind Introduction to OpenUI5 How to program your camera! Understanding CPython (3.4) Objects Are distributions really boring and a solved problem? Fog of War - The GNOME Trademark Battle Contributing to Foreman: where and how GStreamer in the living room and in outer space Running Valgrind on multiple processors Contract-based Programming - A Route to Finding Bugs Earlier Foreign Data Wrappers in PostgreSQL : Where are we now ? Apache Lucene 5 Use DPDK and the Linux Kernel Jitsi Videobridge in Cryptoland: the adventures of a Java WebRTC video router on the road to supporting 1000s of video streams Testing Video4Linux Applications and Drivers
  GCC-MELT LibreOffice Calc dependency & performance work
14:15 BSD Router Project
  All about Hack in 15 minutes Cinder - the state of block storage in Openstack
14:30 Customize Gunicorn for your own business. Vimeo and the open source community Project Calico: A pure Layer 3 approach to virtual networking. OpenOffice reaches out: the technical angle The ARM microJIT, a JIT for the IoT
14:45 Using Neo4j as a Document Database Perl 5.22
  Searching over streams with Luwak and Apache Samza Truffle: A tour through a new Ruby implementation
15:00 IgProf FreeCAD GCompris goes Qt Quick with the help of KDE OpenStack and Xen Embedded freedom roundtable Python, WebRTC and you The Emacs of Distros Why Samba moved to GPLv3 Is your community healthy? Metrics on the top CM software VLC 2.2.0 Partial inlining of Memcheck helper function fast paths Ada for ARM Bare Board Modern SQL in PostgreSQL HAKA : A security oriented language Improving LibreOffice quality Video Capture and Colorspaces
  FreeBSD/Xen status update
  Requirements Bazaar Puppet Plus Parentheses Torturing your software with 124 ODF file formats
15:30 When performance matters ... Web Video Players Architecture & Open Source Community Analysing London's NoSQL meetups using R & Graphs VXVDE: almost zero configuration virtual networking What Lies Beneath?: Lessons learned hacking the OpenJDK interpreter/compilers
  "Fast enough” Perl 6
  Scalable Video Conferencing with Jitsi Videobridge Smart VM scheduling in oVirt cluster LibreOffice Design/UX Easy Hacks
15:45 Copyleft in Europe: How does copyleft interact with Exhaustion Of Rights EBISearch - Biological data search engine MRI vs. Father Time
  CentOS: Community build service and infrastructure.
16:00 Superoptimization Stretching out for trustworthy reproducible builds XMPP and Android perf status on ARM and ARM64 Gradual Typing in Python Orchestration of Services with Juju Emacs and Elisp on the Chromebook How to start hacking on Valgrind by example Multithreading Made Easy, part 3 - Bounded Work Queues Big Graph Analytics on Neo4j with Apache Spark Large Scale Quality Assurance in the PostgreSQL Ecosystem LPI Exam Session 2 [pyroute2] On the peaceful uses of the Netlink protocol Document Liberation Project Sync points in the Intel gfx driver
  4 years of pkg(8)
16:15 Towards legal criteria for best practices in free software/open source development Kodi mediacenter (XBMC) past, present and future.
  Matrix.org - a new open standard for distributed, real-time communication What you can do with open source cloud management (and ManageIQ) LibreOffice and ODF
  Perl's Syntactic Legacy
16:30 Building a medical monitoring connected device with Yocto Knowing your garbage collector The Typed Index CANCELLED - hardware switches - the opensource approach JFree - The Long and Winding Road (Ahead)
  Homebrew - The Good, Bad and Ugly of OSX Packaging Inside RubyMotion
  Yjs: A Real-Time Framework for Peer-to-peer Group Editing on Arbitrary Data Types Corinthia a new idea for document handling
16:45 Enabling video preservation through open source
17:00 Ubiquitous Performance Analysis and System Introspection Building an Open Source VoIP hardware phone Why we tried (and ignored) famous IaaS to deliver SecurePass Using LAVA for bisecting bugs RedBaron Software Patent Litigation Data: What Have We Learned? Consuming Open Source Configuration Valgrind Hackaton 2D Drawing with Ada and Cairo Recommendation Engines with Graph Databases Knot DNS LibreOffice on Android Java restart with WebFX How to test OpenGL drivers using Free Software
  Get more people intrested in your distros users group. Escaping DSL Hell By Having Parenthesis All The Way Down
17:15 Harnessing FOSS in an End to End Online Video Platform Devops Logique
  codebender: Arduino programing, online Designate - DNS as a Service for Openstack Querying your datagrid with Lucene, Hadoop and Spark A vision about a LibreOffice document manager for Android
17:30 Extending Python, what is the best option for me Fork and Ignore: Fighting a GPL Violation By Coding Instead Tesseract: Distributed Graph Database and Computation platform Managing Networks in a Software-Defined Future
  Rizzly: Event Driven Microcontroller Programming IaaS Beyond the Infrastructure Peer5 content delivery network and how it uses WebRTC and FOSS Adapting Apache OpenOffice for adoption in a public administration: configuration, Sharepoint webdav integration and an extension to help users exchange ODF files
18:00 Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter IaaS Devroom Panel How to record all TV PyPy and the future of the Python ecosystem The open source OpenStack project infrastructure Building Economic Simulations in Ada Graphgen - Graph prototyping made easy networkd status update Lightning talk slot Open Heart Surgery: HotSpot Debugging at the OS Level
  Providing an LTS distro with Gentoo Prefix ELK, making sense of your data (not just for logs!) Perl 6: beyond dynamic vs. static
18:15 Wrapup, conclusion of Open Media Devroom
  Discrimination & Reciprocity
18:30 Lightning Talks Monitoring As A Service Informal Discussions & Closing NetworkManager v1.0 status update
  Pretty-printing kernel data structures
  Closing Remarks
  See you tomorrow