Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


GCompris goes Qt Quick with the help of KDE

GCompris is educational software for children 2 to 10

GCompris is a high quality educational software suite comprising of numerous activities for children aged 2 to 10. It was created in 2000 using the GTK+ graphical toolkit. It is available on different platforms, GNU/Linux, and the proprietary platforms MacOSX and Windows.

Willing to address the large number of tablet users and to enhance the user experience the choice was made in January 2014 to rewrite GCompris in Qt Quick.

The presentation will address the following topic:

  • Project goal and history
  • Community and commercial. Starting in 2003 a Windows version was created and is distributed under a commercial model while being still Free Software. We will see how and why we decided to do so
  • Why we selected Qt Quick. This development toolkit is based on Qt and let the developer create dynamic user interface that can run on desktop and mobile platforms
  • Why we became a KDE project. GCompris has always been a community project, leaving the GTK+ toolkit it does not make sense to develop the new version under the Gnome umbrella
  • State of the Qt Quick port


Photo of Bruno Coudoin Bruno Coudoin