Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Designate - DNS as a Service for Openstack

Multitenant DNS Service for your cloud

Designate is a newly incubated project in OpenStack, for providing an easy to use, integrated DNS service to users of your cloud. We integrate with Nova and Neutron, and allow control of Reverse DNS for floating IPs. Using sink features, we can pull events from the neutron / nova event queue and auto generate DNS entries.

We will show all of this functionality, and talk about the upcoming features, while taking feedback from the community about what else they would like to see provided by Designate.

We will also update the community on the developments of the Mid-Cycle summit (happening the week previously)

Graham Hayes is a member of designate-core, and one of the main architects of our current feature push called server pools, which will allow per user DNS servers, and the ability to run DNS servers at massive scale.

Kiall Mac Innes is the PTL and the original author for Designate


Graham Hayes