Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


New features in Gerrit Code Review 2.11

Support for browser based Gerrit workflow

Gerrit Code Review is Git based pre-merged code review tool, used by LibreOffice project. And as thus is heavily used by LibreOffice developers in different roles, either as a contributor or as a core reviewer.

In this talk the long awaited feature (that GitHub and other platforms already support): the ability to create, populate and amend Gerrit changes directly in browser is explained.

Priot to Gerrit 2.11 to address reviewer comments, (even typos) The Gerrit change must be amended in local environment and repushed to Gerrit again.

Starting from gerrit 2.11 changes can be created and edited directly in the browser.

  • New changes can be created and populated directly in the browser via a 'Create Change' button on the project info screen.

  • New follow-up changes can be created via a 'Follow-Up' button on the change screen

  • Content editing takes place in a full screen CodeMirror window with support for themes, syntax highlighting, different key maps (Emacs, Vim, Default).

  • The CodeMirror screen can be configured in the same way as the side-by-side diff screen.

  • The file table in the change screen supports edit mode with seamless navigation to CodeMirror for editing.

  • Edit mode can be started from the side-by-side diff screen with seamless navigation to CodeMirror.

  • The commit message can be changed in context of change edit. The 'Edit Message' button is still supported, but now it creates a change edit that must be published.

  • Files can be added, deleted, restored and modified directly in browser.

  • User-specific configuration dedicated to edit mode in CodeMirror are stored in the All-Users repository rather than in the database.

In this talk i will present the concepts and go into implementation details.


David Ostrovsky