Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Web Video Players Architecture & Open Source Community

In depth with Video.js, JwPlayer, and Kaltura Player

This talk brings together presentations from three very popular web players Video.js, JwPlayer, and Kaltura Player ToolKit. Collectively these project represent a huge percentage of online video views and enable video robust video delivery for many content makers around the world. In this presentation, each project will present it’s architectural approach to contemporary multi-screen, multi-browser video playback. Projects will highlight how they work with the open source community and with tips for integration into your applications or websites. After the short presentations there will be a chance for QA for the projects.


Photo of Michael Dale Michael Dale
Itay Kinnrot
Photo of Steve Heffernan Steve Heffernan
Photo of Pablo Schklowsky Pablo Schklowsky