Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Building a medical monitoring connected device with Yocto

Professional OS with yocto

Building a medical device requires to follow certain rules specially when health care depend on it. The presentation will explain how Yocto help us in Kaptalia to solve this issue. In particular we will focus on fast boot, update with unskilled user base, Bluetooth Low Energy, security and data privacy.

During this event we will show how our team succeeded to build our first OS, start from a company with medical expert only and no prior expertise on embedded systems.

In addition, an explanation to the Yocto (errors you do not want to repeat) path will be presented.

During a medical procedure, especially when the patient is asleep, the anesthetist need a device to check the vital signs of his patient. As our device is aimed to be used as medical user base, it meets the requirements of being reliable, easy to use, easy to update, and satisfies regulatory environments. Our monitor communicates with some wireless devices using Bluetooth Low Energy. The device contains medical data so we had deal with data privacy and security. During industrialization, the entire OS is deployed in one shot. This operation has to be performed by a technician in a very secure manner. Also, the steps of building our devices will be presented. This includes the device architecture, the fast boot on ARM, the time duration of boot on ARM and its optimization, the bullet proof update, and the custom Bluetooth Low Energie program.

At the end, a live demonstration for using the the monitor and sensor will be held.

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Adrien Renault