Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


How to record all TV

Creating a 30 channel DVR

Prospero Technologies has made a Linux based Digital Video Recorder which constantly records all UK broadcast TV so that the consumer no longer needs to schedule recordings. This will be a talk on the technologies used to achieve this, the open source software on the consumer device and how you can build your own 30 channel DVR.

The 30 channel DVR is a consumer version of a product we have been refining, a multi-tuner PCI card called Vortex. I shall be detailing the process and the pitfalls of developing a Linux PCI driver and explaining how Vortex itself works.

Lots of consumer embedded devices run Linux these days, but it's hard to pick out a distribution. I'll be explaining the process we went through, how we ended up with using Yocto for our device and a brief overview of how to roll your own distribution using Yocto.

The final version of the DVR uses a freescale i.mx6 cpu with a video processing unit, the talk will cover how well this is supported by gstreamer and how we built a QT application to display our HTML5 interface.


Philip Downer