Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


GStreamer in the living room and in outer space

This talk is targeted at anyone interested in multimedia, whether professionally or as a hobbyist. Be it as an application developer, framework architect, embedded system integrator, or anybody else.

GStreamer is a highly versatile plugin-based multimedia framework that caters to a whole range of multimedia needs, including desktop applications, streaming servers or multimedia middleware; embedded systems, desktops, or server farms. It is also easy to get started with, and is cross-platform, with support for Linux, Android, OS/X, iOS, and Windows, as well as *BSD and Solaris.

In this talk we will present an overview of some of the many different areas and use cases where GStreamer is deployed nowadays and what advantages the use of GStreamer had in these areas. We will talk about web browsers, set-top boxes, mobile devices, live video mixing applications, audio/video editors, broadcasting applications, research of gravitational waves and the International Space Station.

Join us to find out what GStreamer can do for you!


Photo of Tim-Philipp Müller Tim-Philipp Müller