Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


FreeBSD/Xen status update

Current status and future development of FreeBSD/Xen

During the last year (2014) a lot of interesting development happened around the FreeBSD/Xen port. FreeBSD slowly moved from running as a PV with HVM drivers, to running as a PVHVM guests and finally as a PVH DomU. The last step into getting full Xen support into FreeBSD was to get it to run as a PVH Dom0, which is now finished and in a tech-preview status.

This talk will include a high-level description of the modifications needed in order to get FreeBSD running as a Dom0, and a demo of FreeBSD running as a PVH Xen Dom0.

The goal of this talk is to provide information about the Xen PVH and FreeBSD architecture, and to encourage other OS hackers to work on it.

  • Basic Xen description and specific Xen concepts.
  • How the Xen community works (compared to BSD communities).
  • A look into new Xen features (PVH).
  • Work being done in FreeBSD improving Xen support.
  • Demo of a FreeBSD PVH Dom0.


Roger Pau Monné