Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Corinthia a new idea for document handling

editing on mobile devices or using multiple document formats?

Corinthia is a brand new apache project, based on the very successfull UXwrite editor. Peter Kelly decided earlier this year to make his editor open source (Thanks), and we rapidly built a community around it. Corinthia is firstly a toolkit for document format conversion, that ffacilitates round trip conversion without data loss. The engine us a complete new idea comming from desktop editors like LO and AOO. The idea of the editor is not to replace a full fledged desktop editor, but merely to let you correct minor things when you discuss your work with friends wich of course happens on a tablet.

The corinthia project is a new apache project, and while we look at lot at LO and AOO we look for new ideas.....actually some of the LO/AOO developers told us to start we are, cone listen to what we are and will person named us AOO light, for sure that is not who we are, but we would love to have discussions and participation with the people if both LO and AOO.

The presentation will show where we are and where we would like to be.....but honestly a big debate is hoped for, and stay sure, some remarks will be made to provoke a debate.

The preseneter is a commiitter in AOO (former PMC) and a STRONG believer in cooperation.


Photo of Jan Iversen Jan Iversen