Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Valgrind Integration in the Eclipse IDE

An Overview of the Valgrind Plugin

Software development rarely has "spare" time, which often forces developers to stick to the tools they already know. Having any sort of learning curve can be a barrier to entry for debugging and performance tools, even when the payoffs are worth the time invested learning new tools. The Linux Tools Project aims to improve the state of C/C++ development on the Eclipse IDE by integrating popular tools, such as Valgrind. This integration allows developers to maintain an environment they're familiar with, yet leverage new development tools.

This talk is aimed at people of varying experience with the Valgrind tool who have never used it within the Eclipse IDE.

An overview of the Eclipse Valgrind plugin provided by the Linux Tools Project will be given. Topics discussed will include :

Quick overview of the Linux Tools Project Introduction to the Eclipse Valgrind plugin Demonstration of * Memcheck * Massif * Helgrind * Cachegrind * Eclipse Platform specific integrations (Error markers, Problems View) * Simple Auto-correction for common Memcheck/Helgrind problems * Support for execution on remote targets

Possible improvements to Valgrind tool

Challenges faced regarding Valgrind tool


Lukas Berk