Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Tuning Valgrind for your Workload

Hints, tricks and tips to effectively use Valgrind on small or big applications

Valgrind with its set of tools provides a lot of powerful/sophisticated functionalities. However, this power has a price in CPU and memory.

This talk will discuss various ways to balance CPU and/or memory versus more (or less) functionalities.

Among others, we will explore command line options that control tools such as memcheck or helgrind, in order to detect more (or less) classes of errors, or tune the amount of data recorded by these tools.

We will analyse the impact of such command line options on the CPU and memory.

We will also look at the various ways to investigate the behaviour of Valgrind regarding memory or cpu behaviour.

Demo and small test cases will be used to illustrate the discussed functionalities.


Philippe Waroquiers