Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Wikipedia Text Reflector

Entity Linking in clojure for fun

Enitity Linking is a very helpfully technique to improve search on natural text. I will present a system that allows to first spot entity's and than find related entity's using modern search engines like solr and elasticsearch.

In my talk I want to show how to use clojure and raw text, to get a wikipedia reflection out of a given natural language text. A reflection is a set of related entities from the wikipedia. I will show how to spot entity's in a given text using the Lucene FST feature. With the spotted entities I will show how to retrieve additional informations, like related persons, and places by using elasticsearch and the wikipedia category graph. The system is entirely written in clojure, and works in form of a web application with backed and fronted. The system makes use of the core.async library and the reactive UI library Om.


Photo of Hagen Tönnies Hagen Tönnies