Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Harnessing FOSS in an End to End Online Video Platform

Learn how the Kaltura platform builds and optimizes use of many open source components to build amazing online video experiences

Kaltura is widely used to address a wide range of education, media, and enterprise video needs. In this talk covers how Kaltura interact with open source components for an end to end scalable FOSS video platform. We also cover how the core open source Kaltura platform interacts with these components, giving best practices for your own online video projects weather using a single component or integrating with a larger platform.

In addition to contributing its core server as an open source video platform offering, Kaltura makes use of many third party FOSS projects. This session will walk attendees through major projects used by the Kaltura platform to ingest, analyze, optimize, record and play video files, and provide guidance in optimizing use

The following projects and their role in our architecture will be surveyed:

  • Kaltura server -- Pulls together all the media services under a unified REST API.
  • nginx-vod-module - An Kaltura developed Nginx module for On-the-fly repackaging of MP4 files to DASH, HDS, HLS, MSS
  • Mediainfo - used to analyze source videos to determine how best to handle them
  • FFMPEG and Mencoder - used in transcoding to optimize source videos so that they'll be best viewed by various devices; i.e: Desktops, tablets and cellphones running different OSes
  • ImageMagic - used for image manipulation and thumbnail creation
  • Red5 - used in order to record from webcams, and broadcast live streams.
  • The Kaltura HTML5 player - used for playback in native and web environments.

The session will include a review of our video source detection and optimization processes as well as demos showing how each project is used within the platform.

We will conclude with an overview of our current community activities and focus.


Jess Portnoy
Photo of Zohar Babin Zohar Babin