Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


OpenStack and Xen

Deploy your OpenStack cloud on the Xen hypervisor

This talk will explain how to deploy OpenStack using the Xen hypervisor to run your virtual machines.

It will start by describing the OpenStack architecture and its most important components. It will go into details on how to use DevStack to setup an OpenStack development environment based on Xen and Libvirt. It will also cover the most popular and robust deployment schemes for OpenStack with Xen and Libvirt aimed for production servers, including Ubuntu packages from the latest LTS, Chef and Puppet.

The audience will learn the most important OpenStack and Xen config options, the pitfalls to avoid in their deployment and how to tweak both of them to get the best performance and stability out of your OpenStack cloud.


Stefano Stabellini