Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


The ARM microJIT, a JIT for the IoT

We have all got used to memory being essentially infinite, however the IoT reopens the constrained device with devices having 256M or less. This project looks at developing an ARM microJIT targeted at these devices. The project is based on the original work I did on the Thumb2 JIT (FOSDEM 2010).

The project targets the Raspberry PI which is an ideal IoT development/demonstration platform. Unfortunately the Thumb2 JIT does not support the Raspberry PI because the Raspberry PI does not have the Thumb2 instruction set. This is a project which I am working on in my 'free' time and I hope to have a demonstrable port by FOSDEM.

Finally I would like to have a discussion about the future of this work.


Edward Nevill