Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Use DPDK and the Linux Kernel

Open and High Performance Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI)

The SDN Community is building network automation along with OpenStack Neutron's capabilities. This creates connectivity based on Linux kernel functions, prevents single vendor solution lock-in and avoids building proprietary data paths. With DPDK and packet processing software to create NFVI, it is possible to keep this openness while both introducing performance and avoiding Neutron plugins for proprietary technologies. In this presentation, Vincent will show how DPDK applications can be combined on the host and guest of the network, and compute nodes of OpenStack scenarios, in order to sustain high performance for north-south and east-west traffic that is required for NFV solutions. 100 Gbps of packet processing throughput examples will be demonstrated.

Down the road, this openness shall apply on any packet processing data plane logic: on x86 hypervisors, ARM CPUs, new IBM Power8 or PCI SmartNICs (Cavium, Broadcom, Tilera).

Vincent will show that in networking, "Open" and "SPEED MATTERS" mean: - keep Linux kernel stack - freedom of Hardware IOs


Photo of Vincent Jardin Vincent Jardin