Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Java restart with WebFX

The purpose of the WebFX project is to investigate the capabilities of using JavaFX to build rich web applications. Actually, it is an attempt to create a new web where HTML is replaced with FXML — the markup language for JavaFX UI, and the logic can be written in any programming language that is available on top of Java platform from JavaScript, Groovy, JRuby to Java, Kotlin and Scala. Java ReStart is a complimentary project that acts as transport layer for WebFX allowing FXML pages to reference arbitrary Java byte code on a web server and hence any custom JavaFX UI components and Java third-party libraries. In addition, Java ReStart allows to run arbitrary Java applications instantly from a web server downloading only required parts of applications on demand and executing them in parallel with downloading.

I would like to give an overview of the projects, make a live demo, compare the proposed technologies with traditional web and native clients, show how the technologies differ from Java applets and Java Webstart, reveal benefits in compare with RDP-like approaches. Finally, I will share my vision on how to evolve the projects.


Nikita Lipsky