Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


MRI vs. Father Time

Covering the Past, Present and Future of the MRI interpreter

MRI vs. Father Time

Matz Ruby Implementation has grown into a fast and effective option for building dynamic applications. Thanks to the advancements such as YARV virtual machine and Incremental GC introduced in Ruby 2.2.

In this talk we will cover the Past, Present and Future of the MRI interpreter. We'll see how it performs under various conditions, such as static content generation and web services.

With the help of new and improved MRI tooling, you'll get to see the path to profiling your applications and enlightenment.

Join the author of MRI’s new Virtual Machine and Garbage Collector Koichi Sasada along with Terence Lee and Zachary Scott. As they dig through the internals of Matz Ruby Implementation.


Photo of Zachary Scott Zachary Scott
Photo of Koichi Sasada Koichi Sasada
Photo of Terence Lee Terence Lee