Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Midonet 101! Face to face with the distributed SDN solution

Midonet, our distributed SDN solution, has been finally released to the the community and we’d like to share our excitement with you. You’ll learn about the core concepts, why it’s different, its core design and why you would choose it for your project/business. Or not. You’ll be introduced to concepts like Topology Aware Edges and JIT Datapath flow computation as well as our distributed agent model. You’ll learn why we strongly believe in having intelligent edges and how this impact the overlay topology definition as well as the NFV implementation. We’ll share with you the challenges we’re facing, our ideas and our product vision. If you believe in the SDN future, please join us, bring your ideas and be part of the community we’re building. Fun included!


Photo of Antonio Sagliocco Antonio Sagliocco
Photo of Alex Bikfalvi Alex Bikfalvi