Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


HAKA : A security oriented language

Haka is an open source, security oriented, language and framework that allows to analyze live (or captured) traffic and easily dissect and modify it. Haka is based on Lua which is a simple, lightweight and efficient scripting language. The goal of Haka is to simplify the writing of network filtering rules using a common high-level language, hide the complexity of network protocol dissection to the end-user while still allowing complex tasks (such as packet injection) to happen transparently on a live stream.

This presentation will introduce HAKA's capabilities and show some examples of data manipulation both at the packet and at the stream level. An example of packet dissector and grammar implementation will also be shown to demonstrate how protocol management is handled in Haka

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Photo of Jérémy Rosen Jérémy Rosen