Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Fog of War - The GNOME Trademark Battle

The backstory of one of the most remarkable trademark battles in Free Software in recent times. Sri Ramkrishna, Director of the GNOME Foundation and Pamela Chestek, GNOME's trademark counsel will talk about the remarkable 24 hours in a public fundraiser that and the events leading up it.

GNOME's public fundraiser to fight for its trademark will go down as one of the most successful operations by a Free Software project and expression of the political power of the Free Software community. Join Pamela Chestek, GNOME's trademark legal counsel and Sri Ramkrishna, Director of GNOME Foundation and learn how events unfold and how a single tweet started a campaign that ended so remarkably.


Photo of Pamela Chestek Pamela Chestek
Sri Ramkrishna