Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


OpenNebula Deployments, from Small to Massive

Leveraging other open source projects to build clouds

Learn how other people are using OpenNebula today to deploy clouds in a snap, all the way from micro clouds to massively big, federated clouds. Learn performance and tuning tips shared by other OpenNebula fellow users to leverage other open-source projects like Ceph, LizardsFS, Open vSwitch and Puppet into making your cloud resilient, fast, flexible and massive.

We will also shed some light on other OpenNebula compoments that have grown indispensable to their users, like hooks, AppMarket to share images accross OpenNebula deployments, OneFlow to manage services and OneGate to report metrics directly to OpenNebula.


Photo of Jaime Melis Jaime Melis