Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Get more people intrested in your distros users group.

Advice from someone who has tried, failed and tried again.

This talk will discuss the practical ways that someone who is wanting to grop either a community or a meetup around their project or distro they use. Aimed for developers who might be more into the back end side of things, this talk will attempt to show people ways that are both often overlooked and easy to implement for the both the average user and the experienced developer.

Have you ever wanted to grow your projects community, both at home or on a global scale? This talk will go in depth about the problems most people face when they attempt to grow a users group and discuss the areas that people can easily work on to make their users group, or even community as a whole, be a thriving member of the free software world. If you have thought that running meetups is too much work, and afraid to try, this talk will show how meetings and gatherings can plan themselves, and ultimately become the best way to grow your projects community. I will mainly focus on the Ubuntu users groups I have run in the past and still run today. This will be the place where most of my examples come from and where my information will be from.


Photo of Philip Ballew Philip Ballew