Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015


Ultra - Smallest. Web server. Evar.

This talk introduces a brand new web server - Ultra. With a binary at just 51K it's small, fast, and encompasses an all-in-memory web server with an in-built NoSQL datastore, a data processing language, SSI, multiple configurations, and logging. If you want to learn basic networking programming, its source is small enough for you to learn from. The talk covers the basic architecture and approach in keeping a small footprint, and breaks down the source into easily understandable blocks.

The talk covers the history and development of a unique project - one that tells a classic open source story about a developer scratching an itch, and solving a problem he didn't have! It covers the code from 47 lines of C, to 1500 of C++. It also details how the processing language was governed by code re-use, and how the data store uses convention over configuration to work efficiently. It's one of the few projects that is small enough to do serious work, but small enough to be explained line-by-line in a talk! (Although it won't be that direct!)


Photo of Steven Goodwin Steven Goodwin