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09:00 The Virtual FOSDEM Infodesk (Sunday)
09:30 Checkmk Technical Demo
10:00 Shaken Fist, thought experiments in simpler IaaS clouds CADCloud building an interactive online version control system for FreeCAD Introduction of the CI/CD devroom Abracadabra, now everyone's a remotee! A few patterns (and one antipattern) you might see only in Raku Software Ecosystems as Networks Introduction to OSGeo Deploying Containerized Applications on Secure Large Scale HPC Production Systems. Cross-Platform User Interface Development in Java with OpenJFX Kotlin DevRoom Welcoming Remarks LibreOffice Technology Monitoring & Observability intro 25 years of MySQL - A Retrospective Some SQL Tricks of an Application DBA Different Approches in Pedagogy in Teaching Data Science with Python Never compile on the target ! GNU Radio on embedded systems using Buildroot Welcome to RetroComputing Devroom OW2 Market Readiness Levels and OSS long-term sustainibility
  An emulator for my old system today and tomorrow ?
  The Road to Interoperability in CI/CD Kotlin Roadmap: Upcoming Features ReactOS applications and hardware demo + Q&A
10:15 Observability for beginners
  The 'sparselizard' multiphysics c++ fem library Lowering the Barrier for New Developers
10:30 MariaDB PaaS using systemd multi-instance / socket activation Combining Progressive Delivery With GitOps And Continuous Delivery Communication Hacks The Fuzion Language OSGeoLive your geospatial toolkit Scalable, Automated ML Model Monitoring with KFServing and Hopsworks A Google Monitoring System, Monarch… in Open Source? Open Source Database Infrastructure with Vitess Speed up the JSONB. Improving pip for all users srsLTE project update Mouse integration for virtualized legacy operating systems OW2 OSS Good Governance initiative
  The Future of Java on Raspberry Pi: Java, JavaFX, Raspberry Pi and Electronics The future of dependency management, seen from 2021
10:45 DepClean: Automatically revealing bloated software dependencies in Maven projects Konsole: New Features
  The growth of free software in Building Information Modeling for architects, engineers, and construction What's next for Teal, the typed dialect of Lua
11:00 A fresh look at toolchains in 2021 How to make a Service and distribute it with the Fluence network Managing virtual resources with CBSD, and beyond MoveTK: the movement toolkit Make life easier for big data users on Arm platform Using IDEs for LibreOffice development Getting Started with Grafana Tempo From single MySQL instance to HA I use ENUM - Vindicating the Underdog of Data Types Practical advice for using Mypy openwifi - opensource WiFi chip Scan2Run - Reviving old listings in MAME emulator Minigame: Codi Compass Technical Demo (DevOps) József Keller - Be a Better Emailer
  Contributing (with) civil servants Live coding server as a function with http4k
11:15 Events in CI/CD
  Advanced BPF kernel features for the container age A Lisp REPL as my main shell Practical Introduction to FXGL Game Engine
  Real-time Netlisting in KiCad
11:30 Lost in Zero Space Getting ready for the AMD GPUs The Perfect Gerrit Patch PostgreSQL Network Filter for EnvoyProxy Group Replication: Best Practices for Network Deploy Getting on a hook or PostgreSQL extensibility CubicWeb as a Linked Open Data server gr-satellites project update ZX Adventure DeCODER: a new DevOps toolbox for code exploration and analysis
  MariaDB Buildbot, the journey of a reinvention Does open source need its own Priority of Constituencies?
  Come to the backend side we have Kotlin!
11:45 Iaso: Geo-aware Data Collection, Curation and Analysis. Bridging the gap between ITOps and DevOps
  Aquamarine under the hood: how to work with services Open CASCADE Technology status update GNU Mes - the Full Source Bootstrap
  Who watches the watchers - a Jenkins journey Operator SDK use case: virtual machine import to KubeVirt
12:00 Building massive virtual communities in Matrix Best Little Emulator Ever Made! - part 1/3 GPU Computing Made Simple with the C++ Vulkan SDK & the C++ Kompute Framework (AMD, Qualcomm, NVIDIA & Friends) Creating a JavaFX World Clock App from Scratch LibreOffice WASM - the How and Why Review of the Percona Operator from a DBA prospective Postgres Architectures in Production Don't be Afraid of Async Talking to spaceborne RADAR: Sentinel1 data processing ntopng and Cybersecurity
  Ensuring user focus of open source development: Case MariaDB Server Declarative and Minimalistic Computing Query a Google Sheet using Google Visualisation (gviz) and return results to App Inventor App
  hello... again? Step it up: Compose for Desktop
12:15 ngspice - status update and Monte Carlo simulation Early warning signs for open source breakages
  Compiling to WebAssembly
12:30 New Scuttlebutt Database How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Doing Less Docker Is No More! What Now? Tool the Docs Brunch Editable nested fields in Writer Proper Monitoring MySQL Router REST API PostgreSQL logical decoding AlekSIS
  Low cost open-source hardware for biopotential amplification for neuroscience, prosthetics and more Telegram Bot For Navigation
  Improving the Developer Experience of Infrastructure as Code and GitOps Real World JFR: Experiences Using JFR Outside the Ivory Tower Goodbye Kotlin Extensions, Welcome View Binding Monitoring MariaDB Server with bpftrace on Linux
12:45 As Strong as the Weakest Link
  SigDigger: blind signal analysis made easy
13:00 Postgres Meets Computational Storage 25 languages in 25 days Improving Onboarding in FOSS Ways to Contribute to OS Projects Without Writing Line(s) of Code Networking Performances in the Linux Kernel, Getting the most out of the Hardware OpenBMC introduction and porting guide How Collabora Online development improves LibreOffice Performance Analysis and Troubleshooting Methodologies for Databases Better User Management under MySQL 8.0 PostgreSQL and The SQL Standard Bringing Pinax Back to Life USB for a 1977 Keyboard FastClick and Beyond: A Look at High-Speed Software Dataplanes and Their Upcoming Challenges Checkmk Technical Demo Dominique De Cooman - Creating personalised digital experiences with Mautic
  KiCad Project Status MariaDB Buildbot Container environments Semantically meaningful S-expression diff OpenStreetMap in Africa
  How to write your own MVI library and why you shouldn't
  Etebase - Your End-to-End Encrypted Backend Zero Trust Architecture as an enabler for Data Sovereignty Porting fwupd to the BSD distributions Making Documentation a First-class Citizen in Open Source Projects Idmapped Mounts A Hitchhiker's Tour to Containerizing a Java application Born Ready for Secure Terabit Internet! Tooling for Benchmarking.
  Kuberig, Kubernetes without the YAML burn-out! Making a simple language is complicated Reusing dependencies across ecosystems: what stands in the way?
13:30 Community-accessible EEG monitoring of the user's mental state in the UX/UI research Make Git-free contributions a reality Best Little Emulator Ever Made! - part 2/3 Open Source Firmware Status on Ampere ARM64 Platforms Build-in "xray" like UNO object inspector Production Machine Learning Monitoring: Outliers, Drift, Explainers & Statistical Performance Running MySQL on ARM Improve your indexes Is Rainfall Getting Heavier? Building a Weather Forecasting Pipeline with Singapore Weather Station Data Why your PC only has sixteen colors
  Weaviate And that, folks, is how we shared code between Android, iOS and the Backend
13:45 Collecting and visualizing Continuous Delivery Indicators
  Importing into KiCad from CADSTAR Mental health and free software Live Panel GNU Radio: Organizational Updates 2020
  Alpress Hybrid Cloud Open Source DBaaS with Kubernetes Declaratively yours Writing an Ostinato Protocol Builder
14:00 Challenges running Jitsi Meet at scale during the pandemic An I2P-based, fully distributed Bank What’s new in sudo and syslog-ng? Software Composition Analysis Devroom Welcome Latest tech, great! Accessibility, not so much. Taming the 'Saurus Embedded Linux License Compliance for Hackers & Makers Secure boot without UEFI: booting VMs on Power(PC) 5 Tips to Create Secure Docker Containers for Java Developers Open Source, Interoperability and the Digital Markets Act Handling PDF digital signatures in LibreOffice with PDFium Making MySQL-8.0 XA transaction processing crash safe Imagining the Ideal Language for Writing Free Software PostgreSQL partitioning. Work In Progress. How Python inserts 'self' into methods RaSCSI for 68k Macs What if "browser issues" were our issue? Minigame: Codi Pong Bridging the gap between ITOps and DevOps ntopng Network Monitoring and Discovery Knowage - Advanced Analytics meets Data Visualization Meet Dr. Erik Riedel, SVP Engineering of Sesame
  OSS Review Toolkit - project update
  Lessons I’ve learned in Multiplatform Library Development
14:15 A (very) quick overview of libre mechanical software hXDP: Efficient Software Packet Processing on FPGA NICs MyGNUHealth
  RETURNING clause ... Have your cake and eat it too! Build a p2p distributed app with vue, really fast ScanCode projects update The OpenNebula alternative to Kubernetes for Containers-as-a-Service GNU Radio Tech Update
14:30 Stairstep your Kubernetes deployment workflow with Gimlet and GitOps Online Conferences and the "new normal". OSH Communication Kit Docs-as-Code with AsciiDoc & docToolchain Safety and open source, oh my? Protecting against proprietary re-licensing with a community contract Making Nextcloud Hub COOL Passing query attributes through the MySQL protocol Changing your huge table's data types in production Beyond CUDA: GPU Accelerated Python on Cross-Vendor Graphics Cards with Vulkan Kompute Using the Firefox Profiler for web performance analysis Introducing Checkmk 2.0 ntopng Flexible Alerts: Endpoints and Recipients
  FOSSology SCA integration NoRouter: instant multi-cluster & multi-cloud container networking
  Building a Git learning game Reverse-Engineering of (binary) File-Formats r.accumulate: Efficient computation of hydrologic parameters in GRASS Containerizing Spring Boot Applications with Jib Migrating from Imperative to Reactive then Coroutines a Spring Boot application
14:45 Seccomp Notify on Kubernetes Advent of Code - Behind the Scenes
  Putting Chaos into Continuous Delivery Open Source is More Than Just a License SCANOSS: Democratising Open Source Risk Management Is GNU Guix a minimal distribution, and what might that even mean? A modular future for GNU Radio
  Optimizing External Kubernetes Traffic with Cloud Native SD-WAN
15:00 The Evolution of File Descriptor Monitoring in Linux Contributing beyond Code: My 6 months review Own Your Healthcare Experience: An Open Source Path Creating a documentation site for users with AsciiDoc and Antora Adding Open Hardware to Open Software for a More Equitable IoT Best Little Emulator Ever Made! - part 3/3 + Live Q&A GRUB - Project Status Update An Environment for Interactive Parallel Programming with MPI and OpenMP Porting LibreOffice to macOS on Apple Silicon Linux /proc filesystem for MySQL DBAs Stumbling Stones when migrating from Oracle Code reloading techniques in Python Gemini, a modern protocol that looks retro Technical Demo (DevOps)
  Tern and the State of Cloud Native Compliance How to read a WebPageTest waterfall chart CRUD with Google Sheets for App Inventor
  Holochain Playtime! By The Power of toolbox!
15:15 Glasgow Digital Interface Explorer Spritely Goblins: a distributed journey
  Perl, the hidden automation gem OSS Projects Update - Concluding Q&A Dynamic Proxies in Java PySDR: A Guide to SDR and DSP using Python
  This Spring Shall Be Challenged
15:30 Overview Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) Penpot, design freedom for teams On The Fast Track to Station Networked Audio in Android Automotive Spatial data exploration in Jupyter notebooks Analyzing Performance Profiles using Hatchet Net Neutrality and Free Software: The Case of Router Freedom in Europe Using LibreOffice with MariaDB [and Docker] Rewrite Your Complex MySQL Queries for Better Performance Pg_stat_monitor - The new way to analyze query performance in PostgreSQL From Jupyter Notebook to production code Deploying eBPF, XDP & AF_XDP for Cloud Native
  ARM your continuous integration system with fruits! Open Source Program Offices (OSPO) and their role in OSS ecosystems Automating creation of Software Bills of Materials Fully redundant LXD cluster Analysing QUIC and HTTP/3 traffic with qlog and qvis
  Accessibility Considerations Optimization of SDR Applications on Heterogeneous Systems-on-Chip (SoCs)
15:45 Checkmk Roadmap
  CycloneDX Software Bill of Materials
  CI on Gitlab. Bringing Gitlab, Tekton and Prow together (with some magic)
16:00 Vircadia - A Technical Introduction ClassOps: pre-grading student assignments using CI pipelines FreeCAD on steroids. A possible future. Featuring Zheng, Lei aka RealThunder. miniKanren: a minimal declarative language for relational programming The Open Source Designer's ToolBox 20 years with DocBook Designing an open communication framework for the connected car Open source PMCI stack implementation for add-in-card manageability. buildtest: HPC Testing Framework for Acceptance Testing JCStress: Eliminating the Nightmare of Debugging Concurrency Problems The first AGPL compliance case settled in an Italian Court: a tale of compliance, license compatibility and source code availability LibreOffice QA - how to write your first test Automatic Asynchronous Replication Connection Failover Inventing Curriculum using Python and spaCy Working on DOS in 2021 Kdenlive Prateek Jain and Mohit Aghera - Building Personalised Chatbots With Mautic Round Table and Discussion Zenroom Crypto VM for database and blockchain Meet Sesame Discovery Designer, Jean-Jacques Chanut
  Decentralization and Decency Strengthening Developer Communities in mid of pandemic Double Open: An automated open source compliance pipeline for Yocto built on SPDX YouthMappers Calico/VPP : All You Can Eat Networking Building a greener web
  Build and Run Containers With Lazy Pulling Start with the Kotlin flow Vector Optimized Library of Kernels
  Eclipse SW360
16:30 The user in the cultures of UX design and open source Check your links with the Link Check suite Feedback Wanted: What features and design choices are needed for an Industrial IoT SBC? Open Source HPC Research Tools at the Institute for Scientific Computing ODF for Interoperability Sure you can run your database in kubernetes Database Disasters and How to Find Them Creating Data Apps using Pure Python
  Software Composition and SBOM - Concluding Q&A containerd port to darwin: Toward Running Linux containers on macOS Making RUM Responsive
  Configure Once, Run Everywhere JUnit Jupiter Extensions: Writing End to End Tests Getting ready for Declarative UIs with Unidirectional Data Flow using Kotlin Coroutines Runtime Strategies and Task Scheduling of Software-Defined Radio on Heterogeneous Hardware Using WireGuard VPN
16:45 Building the world’s first free open source database of FOSS and their vulnerabilities. Nyxt browser
  CadQuery Assembly System Switching Open Source Communities: How to Stay Authentic to Yourself and Find Hidden Benefit In Your New Role
17:00 Starting Over Evolving vulnerabilities in CycloneDX ML inference acceleration on K8s using kata containers & AWS Firecracker Pitch your project Automate IaC documentations with terraform-docs Using OpenSPDM in Firmware as a Foundation for Secure Device Communication Flux: Solving Exascale Workflow and Resource Challenges PANEL: Organizers of the Legal & Policy DevRoom LibreOffice Lightning Talks 18 Things To Do When You Have a MySQL Bottleneck How to get started with GitLab CI and Python Ada Lovelace and The Very First Computer Program Fast Wireguard Mesh: VPP + wgsd + wg = ❤ WebPageTest Update and License discussion Checkmk Technical Demo Compile IPS packages with pkgbuild / SFE Installation Party
  COMPOST: Exploring artist-centric development through Distributed Press
  Ordered Key-Value Stores Improving GNU Radio Accelerator Device Dataflow
17:15 Alliance / Coriolis2 DeepScan - assessing your code for effective licenses
  Is your elephant a gazelle?
  Identifying Performance Changes Using Peass Realtime 3D graphics and VR with Kotlin and Vulkan Mathematics and development of fast TLS handshakes
17:30 Zoom out to zoom in on the community Automating your license compliance policy with OSS Review Toolkit Optimising for humans An documentation workflow loved by both Data Scientists and Engineers Hitchhiker's Guide to MySQL The story of the first PGDay Escaping the Cargo Cult
  Datacenter class containers for the masses
  Community ID Flow Hashing
17:45 GitOps Working Group - Overview and Invitation Usages of Software Composition - Concluding Q&A
  Devroom Software Composition: Concluding Remarks
18:00 Closing FOSDEM 2021 Lakshmi Narasimhan Parthasarathy & Jordan Ryan - High Availability Mautic