Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Born Ready for Secure Terabit Internet! Tooling for Benchmarking.

Overview of fully automated open-source benchmarking (per patch, daily/weekly trending, per release) with focus on network data plane (VPP, DPDK). Quick walk through HW systems with CI'ed calibration and testing (Xeon, Atom, Cortex, EPYC, 10/25/40/100GE, QAT) and stateless / stateful network test methodologies using TRex.

Implemented benchmark and analytics strategies / algorithms for high volume non-stop CI benchmarks: i) optimized throughput rate discovery, ii) self-guiding soak tests, iii) per packet latency. Project achievements, lessons learned and a growing list of aspirations.


Maciek Konstantynowicz