Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Check your links with the Link Check suite

Benefits of using Markdown Link Check and related tools

Thomas Cort link checking suite is Node.js software to make the checking of links in documentation sites (and not only doc) easy and efficient. It can be used as a standalone or in a CI process. It's configurable and of course as an open source project, you can customise and participate by pushing Pull Requests. As one of the maintainers of this tool suite, I will provide an overview of the link checking process as well as a tour of the reasons why you should care about your links and a demo of how this specific tool works.

The specific following points will be discussed:

  • Why you should check your doc links and why it matters from a freedom point of view.
  • How to use Markdown Link Check (demo)
  • What are your options to test with Markdown Link Check: run it locally on Node.js (demo), Docker, CI jobs (demo), Github Action...
  • How to get involved in Markdown Link Check project.


Photo of Nicolas Massart Nicolas Massart