Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


GitOps Working Group - Overview and Invitation

In late 2020 the GitOps Working Group was formed under the App Delivery SIG of the CNCF. The goal for the WG is to “provide companies and individuals with the skills, knowledge and competency to implement GitOps tooling and methodologies which simplify the operation and management of infrastructure and cloud native applications.” Within days of the announcement more than 60 individuals from more the 30 companies expressed an interest in participating and the working group was launched. The group is meeting these goals through content creation and evangelism – white papers, blog posts, sample applications, demonstrations and more.

In this session we will present work done to date with a primary focus on the foundational principles of GitOps and the benefits that practitioners are already realizing. The aim of the session is both to help the interested understand the fundamentals of GitOps and know where to go to engage.


Photo of Cornelia Davis Cornelia Davis