Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


USB for a 1977 Keyboard

The talk will be about how I bought a retro keyboard for a VISTA80 from the Canada Science and Technology museum and reversed engineered it to convert it passively to USB. The VISTA80 was a machine built in Canada and was used to "Create pages of text for cable TV systems or to create running lines of text or titles for television displays."¹ The VISTA80 was manufactured around 1995-1997 and was "One of the first character generators to use a computer chip (Intel 8080A) as a controller"¹.


  • The history of the Vista80
  • A look inside of the keyboard
  • The Original circuitry
  • Prototype
  • Mapping the matrix
  • Making the circuit board
  • Highlights and Lessons learned

I would potentially like to collaborate with the museum to get more information on the device.


Photo of Jeremy Ouellet (Angel) Jeremy Ouellet (Angel)