Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Different Approches in Pedagogy in Teaching Data Science with Python

We will talk about different approaches in teaching Data Science with the Python programming language. As a case study, we will use our own experience in providing Data Science education with Python across different audiences in the Asia Pacific region and share approaches and principles that worked for us. The lecture will serve as an anchor for more conversations and discussions for adapting pedagogy that is most effective for various contexts and settings.

Programming is a fairly new human skill. Unlike natural languages and problem solving that have progressed throughout our evolution, we do not yet have neurological learning pathways dedicated for it. As such, effective pedagogies are still experimental. We will share results of experiments in curriculum and conduct that we did and highlight factors such as project-based learning, purpose-driven education, communal philosophies, applications of Agile principles, relevance to industry, and the unique circumstances of our students.


Photo of Albert Yumol Albert Yumol
Photo of Xithrius Xithrius